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No. Section 1. Atomic Collision Processes

N. Tańska
A DFT study of dissociative electron attachment to C5XH4N and C4XH3N2 (X=H,Cl,Br) aromatic molecules


M. M. Vojnović, V. V. Stanković, M. M. Ristić and G. B. Poparić
Excitation of the (001) mode of CO2 in 2.45 GHz microwave E field and DC B field


V. V. Stanković, M. M. Vojnović, M. M. Ristić, G. B. Poparić
Rates for excitation of the CO2 Fermi resonance members in RF electric field


B. Zywicka and P. Mozejko
Cross sections calculations for electron scattering from rhodanine and cyanoacetic acid


S. J. Al Atawneh, L. M. Abu-Arida, K. Tokesi
Analytical Formula for the Output Factor calculation of Small Radiation Beams


I. Čadež
Resonant electron scattering by metastable nitrogen - revisited


M. Z. Milošević, A. Bunjac, D. B. Popović and N. S. Simonović
Hyperfine splitting of the lowest state energy of positronium in strong electric field


A. Bunjac, D. B. Popović and N. S. Simonović
Selective multiphoton ionization of sodium by femtosecond laser pulses


D. Delibašić, N. Milojević, I. Mančev
Single-electron capture in p-He+ collisions


I. Savić, S. Schlemmer, D. Gerlich
Introducing a new guided ion beam instrument - NOVion collisions


Z. Nikitovic, M. Gilic, J. Mitric, Z. Raspopovic
Rate coefficients for Ar+ in Ar/BF3 mixtures

No. Section 2. Particle and Laser Beam Interaction with Solids

M. D. Majkić, N. N. Nedeljković and M. A. Mirković
Ionic velocity as a measure of an interplay of the neutralization energy and the deposited kinetic energy in the surface nanostructure creation


I. Ziaeian and K. Tőkési
State-selective charge exchange cross sections in Be4+ + H(1s) collision


D. Borka and V. Borka Jovanovic
Channeling potential through radial deformed triple wall carbon nanotubes


S. M. D. Galijaš, G. B. Popraić and V. Milosavljević
Potential energy calculations of a charged particle outside a real metal surface


A. Kalinic, I. Radovic, L. Karbunar, V. Despoja and Z. L. Miskovic
Interactions of ions with graphene-sapphiregraphene composite system: stopping force and image force


C. Carra, R. Barni, D. Dellasega, A. Natalello, M. Fanciulli, A. Medvids, C. Riccardi
Characterization of plasma deposited carbon silicon oxide thin films


M. Trtica, J. Stasic, J. Limpouch, P. Gavrilov
Tungsten and ods steel behavior at high intensity, 1015 W/cm2, laser irradiation in air and vacuum ambience: comparative study


D. Sevic, M. S. Rabasovic, P. Gregorcic, M. D. Rabasovic, B. P. Marinkovic
Principal components analysis of printed circuit board LIBS data


H. Delibašić, V. Petrović, I. Petrović, C. Molpeceres, S. Lauzurica
Numerical investigation of the plasma formation in skin tissue by nanosecond Nd: Yag laser pulse


N. Trklja Boca, Ž. Mišković, B. Obradović, R. Mitrović and M. Kuraica
Treatment of steel surfaces by plasma flow generated in magnetoplasma compressor


B. D. Stankov, M. R. Gavrilović Božović, M. Ivković
Appearance of Be II 436.1 nm line with forbidden component in LIBS plasma

No. Section 3. Low Temperature Plasmas

J. Jovović
The electron number density measurement from pulsed pin-to-cylinder gas discharge source at atmospheric pressure in helium


N. V. Nedić, N. V. Ivanović, Dj. Spasojević and N. Konjević
Measurement of electric field distribution along the cathode sheath of an abnormal glow discharge using Ne I 556.277 nm line


M. M. Vasiljević, G. Lj. Majstorović, Dj. Spasojević
Determination of the temperature distribution in the cathode sheath region of hydrogen glow discharge using q-branches of Fulcher-a band


S. Djurović, B. Blagojević, N. Konjević
Comparison of experimental and semi-classical results for Ar II stark broadening parameters for (3P) 4s 2P – (3P) 4p 2Do multiplet


N. Trklja Boca, I. P. Dojčinović, I. Tapalaga and J. Purić
Stark broadening of spectral lines within copperlike emitters


I. P. Dojčinović, N. Trklja Boca, I. Tapalaga and J. Purić
Stark line broadening within spectral series of potassium isoelectronic sequence


R. Barni, P. Alex, E. Ghorbanpour, C. Riccardi
Optical emission spectroscopy of H2 in a toroidal magnetised plasma


Z. Mijatović, S. Djurović, I. Savić, L. Gavanski, T. Gajo
Radial distribution of plasma electron density and temperature in atmospheric plasma jet


M. Kuzmanovic, D. Rankovic, J. Savovic, V. Kiris, A. Nevar, M. Nedelko, N. Tarasenko
Diagnostics of plasma produced by laser ablation of carbon-based polymer material


S. Živković, J. Petrović, M. Ognjanović, J. Ciganović, D. Blažeka, N. Krstulović, M. Momčilović
Nanostructures assisted tea-CO2 based LIBS: improvement of the limit of detection


J. Petrovic, M. Kuzmanovic, D. Rankovic, M. Trtica, J. Savovic
LIBS technique based on TEA CO2 laser for elemental analysis of impurities in graphite


I. Traparić, M. Ivković
VUV Spectroscopy of the He II - Lyman series for electron density estimation


N. Cvetanović, M. A. Shahriar. B. M. Obradović, Z. Liu, K. Yan and M.M. Kuraica
Investigation of a microsecond-pulsed cold plasma jet


M. S. Kovačević, M. M. Milošević, Lj. Kuzmanović, and A. Djordjevich
A new look at surface-wave sustained plasma: magnetic current model treated by a fixed-point method


S. N. Stamenković and V. Lj. Marković
Transition from electron avalanche number distributions to formative time delay distributions for multielectron initiation and streamer breakdown mechanism (I)


V. Lj. Marković and S. N. Stamenković
Formative time delay distributions for multielectron initiation and Townsend breakdown in Neon (II)


M. E. Pinchuk, A. M. Astafiev, R. A. Aznabaev and O. M. Stepanova
Applied voltage waveform suitable to control parameters of dielectric barrier discharge plasma jet


R. Barni, P. Alex, A. Salanti, C. Canevali, L. Zoia, M. Orlandi, C. Riccardi
Optical emission spectroscopy of a gliding arc tornado device


C. Piferi, R. Barni, C. Riccardi
Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma MATLAB simulation

No. Section 4. General plasmas

S. J . Al Atawneh, K. Tokesi
Collision between two hydrogen atoms


E. A. Viktorov, M. S. Dimitrijević, V. A. Srećković, N. N. Bezuglov, K. Miculis, A.A. Pastor, P. Yu. Serdobintsev
Collapse of polarized atomic states in magnetic fields


J. Radović, A. Nina, G. Nico
Ionospheric D-region influence on SAR signal propagation


S. Simić, L. Č. Popović, A. Kovačević, D. Ilić
Influence of light-curve sampling on the periodicity determination in case of subparsec super-massive black hole binaries


A. Nina, S. Pulinets, P.F. Biagi, G. Nico, S.T. Mitrović, M. Radovanović, L.Č. Popović
Reduction of lower ionosphere plasma fluctuation – new earthquake precursor?


I. Jankov, D. Ilić, A. Kovačević
Applications of manifold learning techniques to spectral classification of quasars


J. Kovačević-Dojčinović, M. Lakićević, L. Č. Popović
The signature of the gas outflow in the active galactic nuclei type 2 spectra


S. Marčeta-Mandić, J. Kovačević-Dojčinović, L. Č. Popović
Virilization of the broad Hα emission region in active galactic nuclei type 1


N. M. Sakan, Z. Simić
Numerov method analysis with a goal of application of complex plasma models


V. Borka Jovanovic, D. Borka, P. Jovanovic
Kinematical properties of elliptical galaxies in Yukawa-like gravity


A. Almodlej, Z. Majlinger, N. Ben Nessib, M. S. Dimitrijević, V.A. Srećković
Impact of Stark broadening on Co II spectral line modeling in hot stars


Z. Majlinger, M. S. Dimitrijević, V. A. Srećković
On the temperature dependence of Stark widths



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