1. Plenary
  • Oskar Asvany (Germany), High-resolution spectroscopy of cation-helium complexes at low temperature
  • Dimitri Batani (France), Current status of the laser fusion research and the shock ignition approach
  • Jean-Paul Booth (France), A new look at oxygen plasmas - quantitative spectroscopy for rigorous testing of models
  • Tony Donne (Germany), Challenges and Progress on the path towards Fusion Electricity
  • Sibylle Günter (Germany), The two concepts of magnetic confinement: tokamak and stellarator
  • Dragan Huterer (USA), Dark Matter and Dark Energy: Gases that Dominate the Universe
  • Netzer Hagai (Israel), Following Supermassive Black Holes Over Cosmic Time
  • Tőkési Károly (Hungary), Multiple electron scattering in atomic and surfaces collisions
  • Nigel Mason (UK), New frontiers in Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Zoran Petrović (Serbia), Review talk on History and Importance of SPIG (dedicated to the 30th jubilee)
  • Masaharu Shiratani (Japan), Materials Processing with Low Pressure Plasma: Present Issues and Possible Solutions
  • Jaime de Urquijo (Mexico), The Measurement of Electron and Ion Swarms Transport and Reactivity: Current State and Future Challenges
  • K.-D. Weltmann (Germany), Physical Applications in Life Science

2. Topical invited
  • Régis Bisson, Simulating plasma-wall interaction in fusion reactors with beam-surface experiments
  • Sebastijan Brezinsek Plasma-wall interaction in W7-X operating with graphite divertor
  • Alicja Domaracka, Ion processing of astrophysical ices
  • Andrew Gibson, Numerical simulation-based optimisation of plasma sources for medical applications
  • Eric Giglio, Ion transport through insulating capillaries: Self-organized focusing revealed
  • Mario Janda, The transient spark discharge driving circuit optimizations for enhanced NOx generation
  • Daiji Kato, Compact electron beam ion trap for spectroscopy of multiple charged ions
  • Nikša Krstulović, Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy as a Tool for Plasma Diagnostics
  • Jovan Milošević, Quark gluon plasma in an early phase of the Universe and in the laboratory
  • Masanori Nunami, Turbulence simulations for stellarator plasma transport
  • Gregor Primc, tba
  • Miloš Ranković, Electron collisions with dielectric gases considered as SF6 replacement
  • Joël Rosato, Spectroscopic modeling for the investigation of magnetic fusion plasmas and stars with magnetic field
  • Tiago Silva, tba
  • Nikolay Shvetsov-Shilovskiy, Semiclassical two-step model for strong-field ionization: Further developments and applications
  • Augusto Stancampiano, Plasma jets and multijets in contact with liquids in biomedical experiments: electro fluid dynamic and reactive species distribution
  • Dmitry Voloshin, PIC MCC and fluid simulation of processing plasmas: collision radiative models and ion energy distribution functions

3. Progres Reports
  • Kamran Akbari, Relativistic Theory of the Interaction of Two-Dimensional Materials with Moving Charged Particles
  • Abeer Almodlej, The Modified Semi-Empirical Stark Broadening Method of Calculations: The Example of Alkali Like Ions
  • Antonios Antoniou, A New Method for the Calculation of Column Density Using the Gr Model: an Application On The C Iv, N Iv And N V Spectral Lines in the Spectrum
    Of The O-Star Hd 149757 (Ζ Oph)
  • Nikolai Bezuglov, Penninning ionization processes involving cold Rydberg alkali metal atoms
  • Aleksandra Ćiprijanović, Multi-messenger studies of cosmic ray acceleration in galaxy cluster accretion shocks
  • Damir Devetak, Dissipative phenomena in QCD plasma state created in heavy ion collisions
  • Suvasthika Indrajith, Effects of ionizing radiations on the reactivity inside clusters of linear hydrocarbons: polymerization vs. cyclization.
  • Aliaksandra Kazak, The atmospheric pressure air plasma jets for innovative medical applications
  • Ana Kostić, Electric field measurements in the vicinity of an ICRF antenna
  • Ivan Krstić, tba
  • Jelena Marjanović, Breakdown and characteristics of non-equilibrium low-pressure DC discharges in vapours of liquids
  • Dejan Miličević, Study of structural modifications in poly(L-lactide) (PLLA) induced by high-energy radiation
  • Željko Mladenović, Atmospheric pressure helium plasma jet propagating in humid air - influence of water vapour on chemical composition and plasma parameters
  • N. Ben Nessib, The Fully Relativistic Multi-Configuration Dirac-Hartree-Fock Method
    for Atomic Structure Calculations for Multiply Charged Ions: The Example
    of Ca XV
  • Aleksandra Nina, Propagation of electromagnetic waves in perturbed lower ionospheric plasma
  • Ramón L. Panadés-Barrueta, On the automatic computation of global (intermolecular) potential energy surfaces for quantum dynamical simulations
  • Dragan M. Pavlović, Plasma channel evolution in the triggered lightning discharges
  • Jasper Peschel, tba
  • Jelena Petrović, The evolution of stellar interiors in massive binary systems
  • Đorđe Savić, Modeling broad line polarization in active galactic nuclei
  • Ana Silva, A reaction mechanism forvibrationally cold CO2 plasmas
  • Ilija Simonović, Kinetic and fluid modelling of non-equilibrium transport of charged-particle swarms in neutral gases and nonpolar liquids
  • Nora Trklja, tba
  • Nikola Veselinović, Correlation analysis of solar wind parameters and secondary cosmic rays flux
  • Luca Vialetto, Monte Carlo Flux modelling of electron kinetics in CO2
  • Miroslava Vukčević, Soliton structures in different astrophysical systems
  • Vladimir Zeković, Quasi-parallel collisionless shocks: revealing the nature of cosmic particle accelerators
  • Sanja Živković, Analytical capabilities of TEA CO2 laser based LIBS setup



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